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One of the naturally happening cannabinoids discovered in cannabis plants is cannabidiol (CBD). It is a 21-carbon terpene phenolic molecule that is created when a cannabidiolic acid precursor is decarboxylated; however, it can also be synthesized.
CBD appears to have minimal influence on conditioned location choice or intracranial self-stimulation in experimental models of abuse liability. CBD failed to substitute for THC in an animal drug discrimination model. In humans, CBD shows no effects that indicate it could be misused or addicted. If you are willing to buy Cannabidiol CBD Powder CAS No. 13956-29-1 online, then we are the best bet for you. PurelyChem is always ready to serve you concerning the purchase and delivery of the product.
Cannabidiol CBD Powder CAS No. 13956-29-1 for sale has been demonstrated as an effective treatment of epilepsy in several clinical trials. CBD may potentially be effective as a treatment for a variety of other medical ailments, according to preliminary research. CBD-based products such as oils, pills, gums, and high-concentration extracts are accessible online for the treatment of a variety of diseases. CBD has a positive safety profile and is generally well tolerated. The reported side effects could be due to drug-drug interactions between CBD and the patients’ current drugs.
It is a white or light-yellow resin or crystal.
• Food filed
• Cosmetic and body care products field
• The daily chemical products field
• Pharmaceutical field
• Health care products field
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