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Gallium Metals



PURELYCHEMS Gallium is a silvery white metal that is resistant to air, extremely soft and may have a slightly bluish sheen. Our gallium properties make it suitable for a wide range of applications. With element symbol GA. as part of a compound with aluminum, zinc, or germanium ores. Our Gallium has a content of 19 ppm in the continental crust, so it is on par with lead and lithium.

Our Gallium has a very low melting point. It is only 29.76 degrees Celsius. Can be liquefy the metal in your hand. In fact, however, this usually happens in dilute acids, leading to hydrogen evolution – or just in hot water. not soluble in cold water or with concentrated nitric acid.
After melting, gallium remains liquid for some time, even when cooled. Gallium crystals are formed during cooling. The slower the cooling process, the cleaner the crystals. One point is important here: the metal does not crystallize in a form that one otherwise often finds, but in an orthorhombic structure.

Toxiologically, the metal is corrosive to the skin and mucous membranes. This is due to its low melting point, which makes it liquid at body temperature. There are no toxicological values ​​for the metal in solid form. the danger to humans when working with gallium is small: only the eyes are seriously threatened. After wetting with the liquefied metal, it is difficult to clean the cornea. Gallium is also found in dental alloys. If used in this way, it can lead to allergic reactions.

Other features:
Boiling point: 2400 degrees (burns under high pressure in pure oxygen)
Mohs hardness: 1.5
Density: Density: 5.904 g-cm-3
Molar volume: 11.80 – 10-6 m3/mol
Fusion heat: 5.59 kJ/mol
Heat of evaporation: 256 kJ/mol


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