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Tolyltrizole is an efficient copper and copper alloy corrosion inhibitor. It protects against corrosive ions by sticking to the surface of copper and generating a powerful electrochemical barrier that is only a few molecules thick. The protective barrier is difficult to remove and exhibits excellent thermal and oxidative stability. Tolyltriazole complexes copper in solution to protect it against galvanic corrosion by other metals. Tolyltriazole’s added methyl group enhances solubility in some organic solvents, despite its molecular similarity to benzotriazole. Circulating water cooling systems, runway deicers, braking, and hydraulic fluids, automotive coolants, metalworking fluids, and other specialty lubricants are all typical uses. If you need Tolyltriazole (TTA), contact us and buy Tolyltriazole (TTA) online today!


Tolyltriazole (TTA) for sale is employed as a copper and copper alloy corrosion inhibitor, as well as in antioxidants and photographic developers (NTP 1991b).


Tolyltriazole (TTA) online is an amber transparent liquid. It has a white or light yellow granular.

What are the Synonyms of Tolyltriazole (TTA)?

Tolutriazole, Methyl-1H-benzotriazole, 5-Methyl-1,2,3-benzotriazole, Metil-1H-benzotriazol, 5-Methylbenzotriazole, and Méthyl-1H-benzotriazole.

Tolyltriazole (TTA) Mechanism

Tolyltriazole works as a corrosion inhibitor, slowing down the corrosion of metals and alloys. This works by generating a passivation layer, which prevents corrosive substances from reaching the metal or alloy beneath. This is especially important in businesses where fluids must frequently come into touch with metals that must be protected.

The product has excellent thermic and oxidative stability, as well as UV radiation resistance. It has no negative impact on the look of the metal to which it is applied.

Because Tolyltriazole has a very bright color, its solutions – whether aqueous or in other solvents – are transparent and almost colorless.

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