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The chemical compound sodium cyanoborohydride has the formula NaBH3CN. Although it is a colorless salt, commercial samples might have a tan appearance. It is commonly employed in chemical synthesis to reduce imines. Aqueous circumstances are not a problem for the salt. If you want to buy Sodium Cyanoborohydride online, we are the right store for you.

Sodium CyanoBoroHydride (NaBH3CN) is a selective reducing agent that can reduce aldehydes, ketones, oximes, enamines, and reductive aminations aldehydes and ketones, and reductive alkylations of amines and hydrazines, among other chemicals.

The stability of sodium cyanoborohydride for sale under acid conditions and its solubility in aprotic solvents substantially increase its utility as a reducing agent. Sodium cyanoborohydride is a reducing agent that is milder and more selective than sodium borohydride.


[B(CN)H3] is less reducing than [BH4] due to the presence of the electron-withdrawing cyanide group. It is used to convert imines to amines as a mild reducing agent.

For reductive aminations, sodium cyanoborohydride online is very useful. Because the reduction of iminium ions is significantly faster than the reduction of ketones or even aldehydes, reductive amination can be done in a single pot by putting the reducing agent into a mixture of the amine and carbonyl molecule.

Structure and Preparation

The anionic component of the salt is the tetrahedral BH3(CN).

The reagent is always purchased, even though it is simple to make. Combining sodium cyanide and borane is one approach. Another option is to use mercury cyanide to treat sodium borohydride. Purification of commercial samples is possible. However, yields of reductive aminations do not improve.

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