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The pressed seed of the Chinese Tung Nut Tree is used to make Purity Tung Oil for Wood, commonly known as China Wood Oil. It has a better finish than linseed oil, but it leaves a surface coating that degrades and darkens with age. Tung Oil has a low sheen, smooth finish that penetrates and nourishes wood before sealing it and giving a long-lasting, water-resistant barrier. Buy Purity Tung Oil for Wood online at PurelyChem today!

Tung Oil, known for its long-term elasticity, may move and flex when wooden surfaces and furniture expand and contract with age and temperature changes.

Purity Tung Oil for Wood for sale is naturally resistant to water, food, and alcohol. It can be used for salad bowls and chopping boards when dry and is safe for food contact. It is EN71 toy-safe certified.


  • There are no driers or other additives in this product.
  • There are no solvents or VOCs in this product because it is made entirely of solids.
  • Natural wood protection at its best.
  • Naturally, it is toy and food-safe.

Allergy Advice: Nut extract can trigger allergic reactions in certain people.

Purity Tung Oil for Wood online is incredibly adaptable and may be used on nearly any wooden surface, including indoor and outdoor furniture, children’s play areas, kitchen worktops, skirting boards, gates, and food preparation areas among other things.

Surface Preparation

Confirm that all surfaces are clean and dry. It is not recommended for varnished or sealed wood. It is best to use a lint-free cloth to apply it. To promote absorption, thin the first two layers 50:50 with white spirit on new wood. Work into the wood with circular or figure-of-eight patterns until it stops absorbing. Allow 20 minutes before wiping away any excess. Apply one or two thinned coats in the same manner. Allow for a 24-hour turnaround between coats. Allow up to 4 days for the through-drying process. There are no artificial driers in Pure Tung Oil because it is a natural substance.

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