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Phenacetin for sale was the first nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) and fever reducer to hit the market. It functions as a spinal analgesic as well as a negative inotrope in the heart. It can be used to treat ataxias, intercostal neuralgia, and subacute rheumatoid arthritis. At PurelyChem, you can buy Phenacetin online at the best prices without any hassle. Contact us now!

Phenacetin Function

The analgesic impact outweighs the antipyretic effect. Aspirin-like strength has a slow and long-lasting effect, with low toxicity. According to studies, this substance and its metabolites acetaminophen have antipyretic properties. Because the enzyme inhibitor prevented the conversion of phenacetins-Acetate to paracetamol, it still had an antipyretic effect; consequently, the antipyretic effect after the product line did not convert to paracetamol. The analgesic effect of mild phenacetins-Acetate normally lasts 3 to 4 hours, and the synergistic action of alicyclic acid co-administration enhances the analgesic effect. The main clinical is for antipyretic analgesic in small animals. This component is also included in the APC tablet.

Phenacetin Storage

Store Phenacetin in a dry and cool place. Make sure no children or pets reach this product.

Phenacetin Synonyms

4-Ethoxy-1-acetylaminobenzene; 4-Ethoxyacetanilide; 4′-Ethoxyacetanilide; Aceto-4-phenetidine; Acetophenetidin; Acetophenetidine; Acetophenetin; Acetphenetidin; Phenidin; Phenin; N-(4-Ethoxyphenyl) acetamide; p-Acetophenetidide; 4-(Acetylamino)phenetole; Fenidina; N-Acetyl-p-ethoxyaniline; N-Acetyl-p-phenetidine; N-Acetyl-4-ethoxyaniline; NSC 7651; Pertonal; Phenacetine; Phenazetin; Phenedina; p-Ethoxyacetanilide; Fenina; Kalmin.

Phenacetin Applications

Phenacetin online is used as an analgesic and antipyretic. An analgesic combination including aspirin and caffeine is a component of APC pills. Phenacetin for sale is suspected of being a human carcinogen, and analgesic combinations containing it are categorized as known human carcinogens.

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