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N-Methylformamide for sale (NMF) is a translucent, almost odorless secondary amide with the molecular formula CH3NHCHO. NMF is primarily utilized as a reagent in various organic syntheses, with just a few uses as a highly polar solvent.

Other formamides, such as formamide and dimethylformamide, are closely linked to NMF (DMF). NMF, on the other hand, has significantly less industrial application and manufacturing than either of these other formamides. Because of its superior stability, DMF is preferred as a solvent over NMF. The annual production of N-Methylformamide online is expected to be much lower than that of formamide (100,000 tons) or DMF (200,000 tons) (500,000 tons).

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What are the Uses of N-Methylformamide?

In oil refineries, NMF is a specialty solvent. It is used as a raw material in specialized amidation processes where formamide is not acceptable.

What are the Properties of N-Methylformamide?

There is a partial double bond between the carbonyl carbon and the nitrogen, resulting in a high rotational barrier. As a result, the molecule cannot easily rotate about its main axis, and the (E)-configuration is favored due to the bigger substituents’ steric repulsion.

The ALMA radio telescope has tentatively detected this chemical in interstellar space. It is possible that it originated on dust grains. Because of its peptide bond, this could be a critical molecule for interstellar pre-biotic chemistry.

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