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Chemically, it is similar to bupivacaine, while pharmacologically, it is similar to lidocaine. It is used for infiltration, nerve block, and epidural anesthesia, among other things. Because mepivacaine HCL Hydrochloride online is only effective topically in large doses, this method should not be employed. PurelyChem is exclusively dealing with Mepivacaine HCL Hydrochloride for sale at affordable prices. Place your order now!


Local infiltration, peripheral nerve block techniques, and central neural procedures such as epidural and caudal blocks are used to provide local or regional analgesia and anesthesia.


A local amide anesthetic, mepivacaine HCL Hydrochloride, is used. Carbocaine and Polocaine are two proprietary names for mepivacaine HCL Hydrochloride, which has a quick onset and a medium duration. Local infiltration and regional anesthesia both employ mepivacaine HCL hydrochloride. Local anesthetics that are absorbed systemically have effects on the circulatory and neurological systems. Changes in cardiac conduction, excitability, refractoriness, contractility and peripheral vascular resistance are negligible at blood concentrations attained with standard therapeutic dosages.

Mechanism of Action

Local anesthetics limit nerve impulse generation and conduction, probably by raising the threshold for electrical stimulation in the nerve, delaying nerve impulse propagation, and lowering the rate of rising of the action potential. The diameter, myelination, and conduction velocity of damaged nerve fibers are all factors in the progression of anesthesia. Pain, temperature, touch, proprioception, and skeletal muscle tone are the nerve functions that are lost in this sequence in clinical terms.


It is locally absorbed. The rate of systemic absorption of local anesthetics is influenced by the overall amount and concentration of drug provided, the mode of administration, the vascularity of the administration site, and the presence or nonexistence of epinephrine in the anesthetic solution.

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