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Boric acid online, also called hydrogen borate, orthoboric acid, and boracic acid, is a boron Lewis acid that is weak and monobasic. Its behavior in some chemical interactions, on the other hand, shows that it is also tribasic acid in the Brønsted sense. Boric acid is commonly employed as an antiseptic, neutron absorber, pesticide, flame retardant, or chemical precursor. It has the chemical formula H3BO3 (sometimes spelt B(OH)3) and is either a colorless crystal or a white powder that dissolves in water. It is known as sassolite when it is found as a mineral. To buy Boric acid online, you can connect here with us at PurelyChem.


  • The main industrial application of boric acid is monofilament fiberglass, often known as textile fiberglass. Textile fiberglass is used to reinforce plastics in various applications, including boats, industrial pipelines, and computer circuit boards.
  • Boric acid is frequently used with denatured alcohol in the jewelry industry to prevent surface oxidation and fire scale from accumulating on metals during annealing and soldering procedures.
  • Boric acid is often used in salves and dressings, like boracic lint, as an antiseptic for minor burns or cuts. Boric acid is used as an eyewash in a very dilute solution.
  • In addition to being a pesticide, Boric acid prevents and eliminates existing wet and dry rot in wood.
  • Boric acid is used in plants to treat or prevent boron deficiency. It is also used to keep grains like rice and wheat fresh.

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