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Buy Benzotriazole 40% sodium salt(BTA-S) Online



Buy Benzotriazole 40% sodium salt (BTA-S) Online- PurelyChem !

Benzotriazole (BTA) is a heterocyclic substance having the chemical formula C6H5N3 with three nitrogen atoms. This colorless, polar aromatic molecule can be used in a variety of fields. At PurelyChem, we provide Benzotriazole 40% sodium salt (BTA-S) for sale at the best prices available. Contact today!


The versatility of Benzotriazole 40% sodium salt (BTA-S) online has long been recognized. It has already been employed as a reagent for the analytical detection of silver and as a restrainer (or anti-fogging agent) in photographic emulsions or development solutions. It has also been extensively utilized as a corrosion inhibitor in the atmosphere and underwater. Its derivatives, as well as their efficacy as therapeutic precursors, have gotten a lot of interest. The BTA can also be utilized as antifreeze, heating and cooling systems, hydraulic fluids, and vapor phase inhibitors.

Environmental Importance

Benzotriazole is a water-soluble compound that is slow to degrade and has a low sorption tendency. As a result, wastewater treatment plants only remove a portion of it, and a significant portion reaches surface water such as rivers and lakes. Although it has some antiestrogenic characteristics, it is regarded to have low toxicity and a low health concern to people.

Synthesis and Reactions

The reaction of sodium nitrite, o-phenylenediamine, and acetic acid results in the BTA. The diazotization of one of the amine groups is used to complete the conversion.

When the reaction is conducted at low temperatures (5-10 degrees celsius) and briefly irradiated in an ultrasonic bath, the synthesis can be improved. The purity of a batch is typically 98.5 percent or higher.

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