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Lufenuron is the active ingredient in the veterinary flea control medication program and one of the two active ingredients of milbemycin oxime/lufenuron, a flea, heartworm, and anthelmintic medicine. Buy 99% Pure Raw Powder Lufenuron online at PurelyChem at the best prices!

99% Pure Raw Powder Lufenuron for sale is stored in the animal’s body fat and is delivered to adult fleas via the blood of the host when they eat. Adult fleas pass it on to their developing eggs and hatched larvae feeding on their feces via their blood. Adult fleas are not killed by it.

Lufenuron, a benzoylurea insecticide, prevents insects from producing chitin. A larval flea will never build a hard-outer shell if it lacks chitin. The insect dies of dehydration soon after hatching or molting because its inner organs are exposed to air (shedding its old, smaller shell).

Lufenuron is also used to treat fungal infections, as the cell walls of fungi are made up of around one-third of chitin.

Lufenuron is also available as a pesticide against lepidopterans, eriophyid mites, and western flower thrips in agriculture. In plants, it is an efficient antifungal.

Application of 99% Pure Raw Powder Lufenuron

  • Chitin production is inhibited by biochemistry.
  • Action method Acts mostly through ingestion; larvae are unable to molt and stop feeding as a result.
  • Uses At 10-50 g/ha, this insect growth regulator is used to suppress Lepidoptera and Coleoptera larvae on cotton, maize, and vegetables, as well as citrus whitefly and rust mites on citrus fruit.
  • Flea infestations on pets can also be prevented and controlled with this product.
  • Compatibility Pesticides with an alkaline response are incompatible (lime sulfur, copper).

The Function of 99% Pure Raw Powder Lufenuron

Lufenuron is stored in the animal’s body fat and delivered to adult fleas through the blood of the host.

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