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5F-MDMB-2201 is an indazole-based synthetic cannabinoid that binds to the CB1 receptor and functions as a strong agonist. As a result, it is sold as a designer drug on the web. This medication was created by Pfizer in 2008. It is, nevertheless, a strong cannabinoid agonist. At PurelyChem, we are available with 5F-MDMB-2201 for sale at reasonable rates.

5F-MDMB-2201 is a synthetic cannabinoid (CB) based on indazoles that are structurally similar to AB-FUBINACA. The cyclohexyl group is replaced by a 4-fluorophenyl group. As a result, it has a ligand with a high affinity for the central CB1. A cyclohexyl group is present. As a result, it shares structural similarities with AB-CHMINACA. The terminal aminocarbonyl moiety is replaced by the methyl ester group, and the isobutyl moiety is replaced by the tert-butyl group. The physiological and toxicological characteristics of this chemical are unknown. This product can also be used for forensic and research purposes.

PurelyChem makes it simple to buy 5f-MDMB-2201 online. It is often used in studies and laboratory testing as one of the most prominent 5f-mdmb-2201 for sale research chemicals. N ethyl hexedrone, sometimes known as hex en drug/hex drug, is its formal name. Hex en product is of particular interest to scientists that require stimulants in their research.

What is the Full Chemical Name of 5F-MDMB-2201?

The full chemical name of 5F-MDMB-2201 is methyl 2-(1-(5-fluoropentyl)-1H-indole-3-carboxamido)-3,3-dimethylbutanoate.

What are the Other Names for 5F-MDMB-2201?

The other names are 5F-MDMB-2201, 5fmdmd2201.

Toxicity and Effects of 5F-MDMB-2201

The toxicity and long-term health impacts of recreational 5F-MDMB-2201 use appear to have never been investigated scientifically, and the exact toxic dosage is unknown.

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