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Tolyltriazole, commonly known as 5-methylbenzotriazole(5M-BTA), is a widely used chemical that efficiently resists the corrosion of several metals in acidic and saline aqueous solutions.

At 25 °C, 5-methylbenzotriazole(5M-BTA) is readily soluble (> 400 g/l) in methanol, isopropanol, ethylene glycol, polyethylene glycol, 2-butanone, and other organic solvents, somewhat soluble (5.5 g/l) in water and benzene (13 g/l), and crudely soluble (1.3 g/l) in tetrachloroethene.

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Uses of 5-methylbenzotriazole(5M-BTA)

The active ingredient in airplane de-icing and anti-icing fluid is 5-methylbenzotriazole(5M-BTA). It protects copper and brass from corrosion in a variety of hostile conditions. The benzothiazoles and benzotriazoles in wastewater samples were determined by GC-MS using 5-methylbenzotriazole(5M-BTA).

5-methylbenzotriazole(5M-BTA) online is often used as a corrosion inhibitor for non-ferrous metals (particularly copper) in aqueous and non-aqueous media, such as metal-working fluids (0.05 percent), hydraulic fluids, automotive gear oils, antifreeze mixtures (0.5 percent), and cleaning agents such as soaps, detergents, and strongly acid or alkaline cleansers (0.1–2.0 percent).

The Stability of 5-methylbenzotriazole(5M-BTA)

The triazole ring is resistant to oxidation, while strong oxidants can break open the benzene ring. The methyl group, on the other hand, is the most easily oxidized. Toxic vapors can emerge during thermal breakdown.

5-methylbenzotriazole(5M-BTA) for sale at PurelyChem is a water-soluble compound that is slow to degrade and has a low sorption propensity. As a result, wastewater treatment plants only remove a portion of it, and a significant portion reaches surface water such as rivers and lakes.

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