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4F-BCA is an abbreviation for 4-fluoro-BCA, which is found in both liquid and solid forms. It belonged to the cannabinoid indazole family and was once used as a stimulant. It is a component of a herbal plant mixture that is sold as a designer drug online. Its preparation is unknown to have a precise and simple procedure.

It is a potent research compound that humans should not consume. The effects of 4F-BCA appear to be similar to those of other cannabinoids. 4F-BCA for sale is available at PurelyChem for researchers and chemists for the purpose of testing, research, and forensic.

General Pharmacology of 4F-BCA

4F-BCA belongs to the cannabinoid family of compounds. It was designed to take the place of 4F-ADB. 4F-BCA has effects that are comparable to 4F-ADB and 5F-ADB. It is presented as a new research chemical only for research purposes in the cannabis drug industry. It works well as a replacement for both 5F-ADB and 4F-ADB. Buy 4F-BCA online at affordable rates from us now!

4F-BCA is available in liquid and solid forms, so you can smoke or consume it.

4F-BCA has the chemical formula C23H22FN3O. It is a yellow powdered research chemical, according to the description. For long-term storage, keep it dry and cool.

Mode of Uses

There is no evidence about the use of 4F-BCA in particular. These medications are used by the homeless and those who are severely worried. It is mostly smoked, although it can also be consumed orally. The method is not as important as the exact number and amount of drugs, which is a subject of debate.

The majority of people are unaware of the particular dose or chemical they are taking. According to medical surveys, these medications have no medicinal, industrial, or commercial applications.

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