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1 (2H) -Phthalazinone / Phthalazin-1 (2H) -One CAS 119-39-1

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The new ligand 1 (2H) -Phthalazinone/Phthalazin-1 (2H) -ONE CAS 119-39-1 was synthesized and studied using spectroscopic methods. It was generated from the antihypertensive medication hydralazine hydrochloride (IR, 1 H NMR). The hydralazine moiety of APN has an exocyclic C=N bond, according to X-ray crystallographic data. APN demonstrated strong anti-onchocercal action compared to conventional treatment, ivermectin, with IC 50 values of 0.3125 g/mL on microfilaria and 10 g/mL on adult worms.

Hydralazine, a 1-substituted phthalazine also known as Apresoline, is a potent arterial vasodilator that has shown to be beneficial in the treatment of hypertension, particularly in pregnant women, as well as in the treatment of congestive heart failure patients. Schiff bases of hydralazine (hydrazones) have exhibited key therapeutic qualities such as antifungal, antibacterial, antihypertensive, carbonyl scavenger, and antiapoptotic activity, as well as luminescent properties. Because the NH2 group is blocked, hydrazones are less hazardous than the hydrazines from which they are generated.

Storage Instructions

If you want to store 1 (2H) -Phthalazinone/Phthalazin-1 (2H) -ONE CAS 119-39-1 safely, then it is essential to protect it from direct light. It is advisable to store it in a cool and dry place.

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